Crazy Dreams But They Are All Mine

Darn right.  Every one of them.  

It’s never been enough for me to dream all by itself.  I have always been that girl who wanted to “do” not just “dream”.  And so it makes me a little out of the norm.  A little crazy I guess LOL

But it’s good crazy.  

Let me tell you.  There’s nothing like it on Earth.  Because you see, crazy, in a good respect, is the best way to live.  You are free from worrying about being “normal” – whatever that is.  You march to your own drummer and you go down paths that are rocky, and sometimes you worry that you can’t get another 5 feet down the lane, but you find a way.

And that’s what this lady is doing.  

I swear there are days when it feels like I’m walking down a road that’s riddled with potholes and I’m wearing 5-inch heels.  Yup.  It’s hard to do and keep your balance.  But, the next morning I wake up and realize that I’m doing it.  Following this crazy dream of mine.  And not doing too badly either.

It’s good to be crazy

Want to motivate others.  

Oh yes.  That’s part of what keeps me going.  All of you here online who have been AMAZING supportive mean the world to me.  And there are many moments that I think about your fantastic comments and encouragement and think “I’m keeping the faith.  I’m going to show everyone who believes in me that I am still going strong.  No matter what.”

How I’m doing anyway.  

Right now I’m about to submit out to 3 different television shows.  I’m excited.  And I’m confident that one may just click.  So if/when it all comes together I’ll be posting back here and letting you know. Shouting out.  Maybe from the roof.  You never know with crazy people.  When they get all fired up with excitement they do that.  Stand on the roof.  Shooting off fireworks.

Geez.  It’s wonderful.  This crazy-woman thing!

Much love and thanks out to all,




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    If you’re crazy then let’s all be nuts!!! Love you sweetie!!!


  2. chella says:

    And NEVER let them go!


  3. Cat says:

    Keep dreaming. That’s where it all starts. And don’t ever, ever give up! If anyone can get there I believe it’s you!


  4. cheryl says:

    Not crazy at all. Crazy is when we don’t go after our dreams. That’s absolutely nuts. Love you!!!


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