Being Positive Makes All The Difference In Life

You may have heard it before.

But it’s still true.  Taking a positive approach to every situation does indeed make it better.  It’s not a cure-all, or a foolish belief in miracles.  Instead it’s something you can DO when it seems all else fails.

Taking a pro-active stance.

There have been many times in my life when I thought there was nothing more I could do.  Felt that my hands were tied and that life had simply taken a turn I could not prevent.

But I came to a conclusion, and I have to admit that i come to this same conclusion over and over again under different circumstances, that when you do nothing that is actually doing something and when you don’t make a choice that is also a choice.

Doing nothing.   

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It amounts to something in the end.  If you think about it there is some kind of action a person can take, even if it’s a small thing, to respond to any kind of challenge.

My baby boy was born perfect.  Really.  He checked all the newborn baby boxes for health and normality.  And he was so beautiful that I can still hear the nurses saying “that baby is too pretty to be a boy!”  He truly was.  And is still to this day.

But something went wrong along the way.  There is still a lot of debate over what causes autism, and I do have my opinion but I will save that for another post, but the bottom line is that my little boy should’ve grown into a fully-functioning child and then a teen and a young man.  Yet he did not.

My response was what any mom would do.  I cried a river for a long time.  To be honest I still do at times.  It just goes with the territory of a parent loving her child.

And then, after I read (it was 1996 mind you) about how little help options were available and how little was known about how to teach autistic kids, I decided that I was going to do everything I could do personally to ensure that my son was happy, healthy and safe.  That may be it in a nutshell, but it amounted to quite a bit of work that included research, attending seminars, forming a parent support group myself that I had for about 6 years, and finally, homeschooling my boy when the public school system failed him.

So you see, I could easily have opted to do nothing, and coasted along allowing the local school to place my boy in an environment I questioned, allow doctors to medicate him even when he does not have a medical problem to treat, and let all that happen without my own intervention.

But I didn’t.  I did something instead of nothing.

Don’t make a choice.

This is also a place where lots of women miss out on how strong they really are.

Your choices are the single most powerful tools you have in life.  And when you opt to stay “neutral” or give in to what you may call “fate” or “reality” you are in fact deciding to let your life go on on autopilot.

But that doesn’t do you or anyone you care about any good.  There is really no such thing as autopilot in our lives.  We are not simply marking time and stepping forward right foot first.  We are constantly making an impression on this world and every single thing we do has the potential to lead to success or failure.

I have found that making the simple choice of looking at the bright side does indeed change things.  In fact, it can change everything.  Being positive makes all the difference in how we not only approach our current situation, but, how we continue to tackle whatever life throws at us.

Take care everyone!


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. chella says:

    Yes, pretty lady! Agree here!


  2. Nina says:

    You are a brave woman, honey, If anything like autism happened to my child I would lose my mind I swear I would. But you didn’t. You’re a gutsy little thing and you are so right about making choices and doing even small things. God bless you and that boy of yours!


  3. What a great post! You did it, Nancy, you succeeded when others might’ve given up. I love what you write and never more than now. You are once again my hero.


  4. Yolanda says:

    This got me thinking. And then I cried. You are an angel. And your boy is an angel too. Heaven bless you both!


  5. Tully says:

    You are my sunshine, Nancy!


  6. jocelyn says:

    You bet, sweetie!


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