Making The Weight Loss Program Work FOR You

Instead of against you! 

In this blog post I’m going to list a number of ways a woman can avoid shooting herself in the foot when it comes to making dietary and activity changes.

I speak from both experience and education, ladies.  I hold a diploma in Fitness & Nutrition, 6 Certifications in Fitness, Nutrition and more, studied Holistic Nutrition for a year, and, add to all of that I’m 60, now officially menopausal, have had two babies, one of them is severely autistic so I know firsthand what stress can do to a woman, and, I’m as strong and fit as ever in my life.

Me, at age 59. Memorial Day Weekend 2016 at the first Country 500 in Daytona Beach Fl.

Below you’ll see some of my tips about making the weight loss program work for you – 

  • Love what you eat.  Choose foods you enjoy.  If you hate packaged diet food – forget it. Instead opt for dinners that include a fresh vegetable or two, a palm-sized portion of grilled protein, brown rice (again a palm sized portion) or a small slice of (less than palm-sized) whole grain bread, 3 ounces of red or white wine, and homemade fruit for dessert.  Yup.  You can add a tablespoon of whipped cream.
  • Love what you do.  If you  hate the gym – stay away from it.  If you love group classes – find one you like and make it a part of your life.  The same goes for a sport, which I HIGHLY encourage all healthy women to find, that you enjoy, can play reasonably well or have fun learning to play reasonably well, and do that twice per week.  More than 2x can get repetitive and inconvenient.  The other days perform yoga (a MUST), targeted body work, and use weights.
  • Own it.  Make your changes permanent.  This is where “putting your head in the game” comes into the picture.  Look at your current fitness level before you make these changes.  If you were happy with it you wouldn’t be making these changes – remember that always.  Remember how you feel right now.  Keep short-term goals in mind.  VERY short-term.  Add 5 minutes to your elliptical or treadmill time, hold your yoga poses for 5 more seconds, add 2 more crunches to your body work.  Those are simple, not very hard, and can give you amazing encouragement when you reach them and sustain that new level.
  • Know you are beautiful.  It’s not just a sweet thing to say – it’s completely true.  You are made beautifully and are a work of art that can’t be matched.  If you’re looking to gain muscle tone, lose excess body fat and increase your range of motion and endurance level, those are all positive things for you to do to take care of that work of art.  Health – NOT DRESS SIZE – should be in your mind.  Once you have yourself in excellent condition – you will be your most confident, and at your highest energy level.  You’ll feel so great that beauty will be as natural for you as breathing.

Good luck to every woman who has a health and fitness goal in front of her –  go get jets!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    You’re such a pretty thing, hon. I can’t get caught up in wanting to look just like you LOl. or anyone else for that matter. And I love what you say about health instead of dress size. I have your American Women book and I just haven’t pushed myself to follow what you say. I’m proposing myself to change that. Thank you!


  2. Yolanda says:

    Love that photo! I suspect that you look like on an everyday basis!


  3. You’re a living doll!


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