Calming Chamomile


Tummy bloating is not only annoying, I want to go into the additional problem it presents:  it hides toned muscles.

Anyone who has ever trained for a fitness competition can tell you that they will closely monitor the sodium in their diet in the weeks leading up to the contest, largely due to the fact that the great work they’re doing for their body will not be as well-defined to the naked eye if it’s hidden behind fluid the body’s retaining.  But you don’t have to be in that kind of condition, or at that level of training, to have the same kind of issue. 

One of the best ways to keep excess water at bay is by consuming foods that help the body prevent it from happening. 

How To Brew Chamomile Tea  

You should properly brew tea in a pot, and not by the glass. There’s a couple of good reasons for this. First, you have a ready-made supply of tea on hand for drinking throughout the day.   Second, by brewing it by the pot you can make your tea a bit stronger, which is especially good when using herbal teas, that don’t contain caffeine and therefore don’t carry with them caffeine side-affects.

Start with fresh water, that just brought to a boil. Don’t let the water rapidly boil as this causes “bruising” of the water and can change the way it brews your tea. This also applies to coffee or any brew starting with boiling water.

While your water is heating, pour tap water into your teapot to warm it. Like temperature meeting like temperature is always desirable. Also, you can pour hot top water into your cup.

When the water is just at the boiling point, remove it from the heat and allow any bubbling to come to a stop. Drain your teapot, put your tea in first, then fill your teapot with water. Allow chamomile tea to brew for a full five minutes, at least. Longer will give you a more definite taste, and increase the benefits. I usually don’t brew chamomile tea for more than ten minutes.

If using loose tea, strain your tea through a small sieve, piece of cheesecloth, or even using a coffee filter. You can get round coffee filters and cut them, or, you can find tea filters that are made from the same material in speciality stores. I have seen little to no difference in the quality of my tea using any of those methods.

If using tea bags, squeeze the bags and remove from the pot.

How Much Chamomile Tea To Drink Every Day

For the purpose of reducing excess fluid in your body, drink at least two cups of chamomile tea per day.

You can add as many as four cups per day to your diet during times of increased stress to help keep the bloating associated with the body’s reaction to stress to a minimum.


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