Dry Brushing Skin


Dry Brushing

Increasing circulation and helping your skin get rid of toxins are two of the chief benefits of dry brushing . This is a practice that has been used for centuries, yet it seems to be growing in popularity in recent years.

With our environment constantly changing, our bodies don’t always get a chance to eliminate all the toxins that it takes in either through respiration, ingestion or absorption through the skin. That’s not as terrible as it sounds! There are lots of things we introduce to our bodies that it doesn’t recognize, including alcohol, cold medicines (taken with or without prescription), excess sodium and sugar, excess caffeine, and all the preservatives, artificial flavors and colors found in everyday foods.

How Toxins In Our Bodies Affect Our Waistline

There are two main ways that toxins that go unreleased from our bodies can affect our midsection. One is that they can cause bloating associated with constipation and an excess store of fluids. Another is that they can cause a hunger response due to our bodies looking for nourishment that helps it get rid of the waste.

How Dry Brushing Helps Get Rid Of Toxins

Our skin is the largest organ we possess, and it’s a hard-working organ at that. It shields the internal organs from harm, and provides a protective layer of insulation that keeps us cool or warm when we need it.

Additionally, our skin provides a route for toxins to exit our bodies through our pores. The action of dry brushing stimulates the skin, and causes a chain reaction of actions that lead to toxins rising closer to the surface. Doing this before either a shower or a full body mask, effectively washes away those toxins that have found their way to the surface.

Dry Brushing Instructions

You need a soft body brush or loofah for your body and another for facial use. These can be very different in both shape and in texture so it is something you should be careful about when purchasing.

Your dry brushing routine should be right before either a shower or a full body mask that includes the face. Either way you’ll be getting into the shower at the end.

Start with the soles of your feet. I stand with one leg up on a stool and bend my knee so that I can reach the bottom of my foot and it works very well.

Work in an upward motion, toward the heart as you proceed. Be careful about pressure when dry brushing, and once again, you should know your skin type and how sensitive it may be.

As you move up the legs, concentrate on any areas that may be prone to dry skin or where you see visible signs of cellulite. Continue to brush your entire body, front and back, including your hands.

Avoid the chest, neck and face until you’ve switched to a facial brush or loofah.

You can count your strokes to be sure of giving your entire body even brushing. Beginners start with a very low number, such as three or four strokes, and work your way up as your own comfort allows.


If you’re applying a facial and body treatment now is the time. When finished, take a shower and rinse with warm water until all traces of your facial treatment are gone.

For times when you’re not using a treatment, you still need to give yourself a good rinse.

Proceed with your usual showering routine. When you come out, apply witch hazel to your skin head to toe. For the face/neck/decollete apply skin type appropriate serum. Then moisturize head to toe.


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  1. I started this a few years ago and it has made a huge difference in the cellulite I used to see on my backside.


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