Cooling Breathing


Cooling Breathing or Shitali Prayanama

Shitali means cooling breathing. It is a pranayama (breathing practice) which cools the whole the body and relaxes the mind.

In this pranayama, air is inhaled though the mouth very slowly and constantly and exhaled though both the nostrils in the same way. That is what brings about the feeling of coolness and helps you to overcome the urge to react negatively to others who may be argumentative.

It’s especially good before heading into a tricky situation or a meeting that could potentially turn into a heated debate. 

Method for Shitali Pranayama

Sit in the your personal choice of Easy Pose or Lotus.  Relax your body. Try to clear your mind.

Keep your spine comfortably erect.  Look straight ahead.  

Protruding the tongue, roll it up along the sides so that it takes the shape of blowpipe.

Now slowly suck in a good dose of air and hold it, keeping it inside your lungs as long as possible.

Finally, slowly exhale the breath through both the nostrils.  

Repeat as many times as you need.  

Some Of The Benefits of Shitali Pranayama

It has great energizing, soothing, relaxing and cooling effects on all the nerve channels and on the whole body.

This Pranayama purifies the blood expelling the toxins

Illness and disease can be much easier controlled and treatment becomes more effective.

It corrects indigestion and constipation.

It helps control overeating and giving in to food cravings.

It restores a peaceful feeling when you’re under stress.

It can help you keep your cool when others around you are combative.

For women who experience hormonal hot flashes – this Pranayama can help cool you down physically. 


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