Good Luck

It’s Friday The 13th.  

And some people out there believe that it’s not the day for good luck at all. But, I beg to differ with them.  Here’s why.  

Jupiter Rules Good Fortune

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic” for good reason – it’s the ruler of good fortune, along with growth, expansion and lots of other great things in life.  

Right now Jupiter is in fact just recently turned direct in the sky.  Meaning that the recent retrograde (or backward moving cycle) has come to an end. There’s never anything “bad” – luck or anything else  – that comes from Jupiter no matter how it’s positioned in the charts, but, when it’s moving on  a direct or forward path, there’s smooth sailing ahead for all of us.  And that’s  happening now.  

Of course there’s this. 

Our own personal circumstances come into play here.  Of course if you’re in the middle of a huge crisis you may not yet see the good fortune that could be just around the corner. But, difficulties can arise whether or not Jupiter is retrograde.  

Today really can be this!

Light at the end of the tunnel.    

Yes, there is.  Especially when we focus on it and believe in it.  There can be all kinds of delays and challenges, but, if we keep our heads up and treat our bodies well, our mental attitude will be more optimistic and that changes things right there.  


Whether or not it’s Friday the 13th, or if we believe in guidance from the stars above, life can be dramatically turned around simply by not giving up.  Never.  Ever.  Under any circumstances.  

It’s very beneficial to believe in help from Heaven, and put ourselves in a position to be around supportive people and do things that contribute to our health and well-being – as opposed to getting into a rut, or worse, a downward spiral.  

Yes good luck exists.  

And we all choose to create it every single day.  What we think about we bring about are words to live by, and although it can take years to finally reach that goal you have, the journey can be all the sweeter if you take time to laugh, appreciate the world around you, and always be proud of yourself.  

Enjoy today!




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