What A Full Moon Means

End of a lunar cycle?

Yes, it is that, technically.  To me it has more meaning than just an “ending”.  And from what I’ve experienced in life, it may not always bring something entirely to a conclusion. 

Where the full moon begins.  

A new moon is the start of a fresh lunar cycle, and in the two weeks or so leading up to the full moon, the phases of the moon are said to be “waxing” – which means that the moon is a little bigger in the sky each day.  

It’s historically a time when farmer’s planted their fields, and also when those living in the pre-electricity times refrained from travel and/or parties as much as they could, as, a new moon meant that the sky was dark making it harder for people to navigate the roadways.  Which brings me to my main point:  a new moon is a time when things are not especially clear, or you could say hidden, in your life, making it the wrong time (as per the lunar cycle anyway) to start anything important.  

To me, it all goes back to those ancient farmers who planted during a new moon.  They were laying the groundwork for something to grow, even though they could not see it right away, they knew that one day in the future they’d see the first sprouts break the surface and that their hard work would begin to pay off.  

This is how we should work with a new moon from an astrological standpoint.  Begin to learn about and/or make the first step toward a goal you have, knowing that this change won’t be obvious until a later date.  A perfect example of this is beginning a new diet/exercise program.  You start slowly, with the results showing up weeks or months in the future.  

Making dramatic changes simply because it’s a new moon could actually work against you.  It’s far better to move slowly, but deliberately, gathering information as you go, and looking before you leap.  Remember this is the moon we are talking about, and it’s one of the two planets that represent deception (the other being Neptune), and things may appear great on the surface only to disappoint once a few layers are peeled back.  

Full moon crazy.    

The full moon is about beginnings!

This is a great time of seeing at least one thing come together in your life.  It may be the close of a relationship, a business or for some a whole way of life, but, whatever it is, you may not have been prepared for the way it all came about unless you used the new moon energy in the manner I describe above.  

Again, the moon can deceive us, making us believe what in something that does not exist.  And so when you see a kind of ending in your life, you may be surprised by it, for better or worse.  I believe that this is the big reason why the idea of being “full moon crazy” first came to our culture.  There can be huge blowups that no one saw coming!  

How the full moon brings a beginning.

Our lives can feel like a series of doors that open and close all the time, and that’s about right.  Many of us who study spirituality describe changes around us, happening in the ether, as doorways, and what it all comes down to in our lives is making the decision to open, close, or walk through those doors when they appear.  

A full moon is a time when we can see the evidence of changes that are based on what we have aimed to do through learning, working and most importantly, believing.  Aside from bringing an atmosphere of deception, the moon also represents unconditional love, and our unshakeable belief.  

Most of us will not see something, personal or business, come to a full end during a full moon.  Instead, we are more likely to see those first shoots break the surface of the ground, telling us that we are heading in the right direction.

Is the full moon a time of starts, then?  Of course it is.  Because you can’t have an end without a start.  The farmer sees growth in a field that was previously fallow, which ends that time for his land and now makes it productive.  Excellent! 








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  1. Yolanda says:

    You have so much knowledge! This is one of the most insightful definitions of what a full moon means I’ve ever read. Thank you.


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