Venus In Libra Diet

Venus Always Loves To Indulge!

Taking into account that you may or may not have your Sun in Libra, this blog post gives you a good idea of what challenges Libras (or those with Venus in Libra) may encounter when it comes to eating a healthy diet.  

With your ruling planet being Venus, you have a need to indulge in rich and slightly sinful foods at least from time to time. And since your house is all about balance and harmony – you have as much of a need to keep your appetite within reason at all times.

Cake And Candy And Pie – Oh My!

Libra is an interesting and somewhat contradictory sign. On one hand you have a lover of beautiful things and delicious food and on the other you have an intelligent and very logical mind. And that sums it all up right there – Librans have a strong need for balance between the two.

Portion Control

As a Libra this should be something that you are possibly the best in the world at doing. Keeping the scales perfectly balanced in your life, even when it comes to how much you eat, contributes to your overall happiness as well.

However with Venus in the picture you may have those times when you feel the urge to splurge – and that’s okay, providing that you also monitor how often that happens. Once a month should not be a problem for your waistline. However once a week or more could, so you need to make a note of it on your calendar to be certain.

Weight Issues  

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Librans are blessed with beauty and grace, no surprise with Venus as the ruling planet, yet with that comes the possibility of having to contend with seeing the pounds accumulate more than you’d like.

In your favor is that you are also an Air Sign and a Cardinal Air Sign at that. Heralding in the Fall Season, Librans do love books and studying of all sorts, which is a huge point in your favor when it comes to keeping a food journal and taking control of what and how much you consume.  

Your body should be very well proportioned, so you are less likely than the rest of the signs to see your weight fall heavier in one part of your body. For the most part Libra women are taller and on the slender side which is of course another asset.

The best way for a Libra woman to keep her weight within a healthy range is to weigh in every single day. As an Air Sign you will naturally love the idea of measuring and tracking – so this should not be an unpleasant chore for you at all. Quite the opposite.

When you do see the scale getting up 3 to 4 pounds higher than it should, you need to address it right away.

Libra Diet Strategies

Planning a way to reduce your food intake can be fun for a Libra. If you don’t already have one, you should invest in a good quality food scale for your kitchen, as this will be the best way for you to determine what you’re eating.

Be careful about keeping a record of your food. I recommend a hand-written journal but if you’re set on going digital that’s fine as well. You see, Libras are so much the student and the writer that working with your hands should be something you like and don’t mind staying with.

Splurging Is A Must – Must – Must

Always include something in your diet that is incredibly decadent. Dishes that include “smothered” or “molten” in their title will appeal to you on a very basic level, so even if you’re cutting back on the whole you’ll still have to find a way to get at least a small portion of rich food in your diet every few weeks or so.  

Foods For Libra Women

Air Signs do very well with poultry of all kinds so you should include lots of that protein in your diet.

Eggs can be a Libra woman’s best friends as they can taste much richer than their caloric and fat content would imply. Find sauce recipes that are delicious and that you can spoon over your eggs, rather than drowning them, which will keep you on a healthier path. For a delicious idea, see my post Eggs Benedict With Asparagus And Crab

Make angel food cake your choice for bakery goodies. It’s lower in fat and calories and you can use reduced calorie chocolate or caramel sauce over top to make it special enough for your (lusty!) Venusian taste.

All in all as a Libra  (or with your natal Venus in Libra) you will find that your ability to keep all things within reason in your life comes in handy when you apply it to your diet.





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