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Recommended Virgo Fitness Practices

A Well-Defined Fitness Routine Is Right For Virgo

We all benefit from making a set exercise program for ourselves, or having a professional make one for us, but as a Virgo woman you are not just more likely to stay with it – you’re very likely to love it.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, local travel, and education. It’s a young spirit for sure, as the education aspect of it is more about younger people through the teen years.

And with the communication aspect comes writing, so creating a food and exercise journal should be fun for you along with the obvious benefit of seeing and knowing what you’ve been doing at a glance.

Sixth House Rules Virgo

Virgo has the astrological sixth house as it’s home base, and that is the house of health, hygiene and daily work habits.

Your ability to immediately sense the health benefits of any exercise modality is keen, and your ability to stay with a structured program is just as excellent.

Virgos like to work and working out goes hand in hand with that trait. In your case you are more likely to overdo it and run until you drop than to skip a day. So for Virgos the word they need to focus their attention on is “moderation” – even though most Virgos only go to extremes with healthy things and rarely overindulge in the things that are bad for their bodies.

Virgo Fitness Preferences

Doing a prescribed number of X is what works best for the Virgo woman.

Here is an example of a fitness regimen that would work well for you –

On Monday – Wednesday – Friday    

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30 minutes of aerobic activity on either an elliptical, treadmill, or going out for a walk or run

50 reps for upper body exercise

75 reps for lower body exercise

50 reps for core exercise

10 Yoga asanas

5 Back, forward, side to side bends on a balance ball

On Tuesday and Thursday

15 minutes of brisk walking

Saturday – Sunday

10 Yoga asanas AM and 10 Yoga asanas PM

Virgo Body Composition And Athletic Ability

Virgo women can tend to carry a bit more weight than what is healthy for their bodies. However, they also tend to be well built and very attractive.

Overall your body may distribute weight rather evenly, which is a distinct advantage.

Note that in the fitness routine I outlined above that I kept the reps for upper, core and lower nearly exact. Women by nature carry a bit more weight in the lower half, even those who are blessed with a proportioned body, and so I always recommend doing a bit more for that area. Aside from that, the routine is very well balanced.

That is how you should approach your personal fitness program as well. Keeping in mind any hereditary tendencies that you may have to carry weight more in the mid or upper regions, you can adjust your workout accordingly. But all in all, Virgo women should not need to work on a specific area of the body drastically more than any other.

Furthermore, Virgo women are good athletes. Ruled by Mercury, you could be rather quick on your feet and also great at aiming and/or catching. Sports such as archery, track, skeet shooting and golf should be very good ideas for you.

Whatever you do, the chances are that you are going to stay with it, and measure your progress as you go without anyone telling you to do so. You have a great mind and that can work for you when you apply it to what form of exercise works best for you.


Lauren Bacall, one of the most famous and undoubtedly best actresses of all time, was a Virgo





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