Venus In Scorpio

The planet of love finds an extraordinary power.  

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto (the term planet is used here as an astrological term, mind you) which governs the underworld and all things big, sometimes nasty, and to some people, downright creepy.  When Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money is in the sign of Scorpio, that usually means we can expect to see an upswing in finding out more about the dark side of all three of those topics, and that can be in within ourselves or in the world at large.  

Venus In Scorpio Love 

Relating to matters of the heart, this placement can mean that only the most intense relationships will be acceptable, and if you are already connected to someone, there may well be new levels of passion between you that you did not experience before.  Among other things such as death and rebirth, Scorpio rules sex, and that my friends, surely speaks for itself.  

Venus is in many ways exalted when she is in Scorpio, as it is a time when the boundaries of intimacy are tested, and we may want to really get into the heart and soul of our mate more than ever.  Revelations may come to the surface, and this could spell the beginning or the end of relationships, depending on the nature of those revelations.  

Venus In Scorpio Beauty 

With this placement in your chart, or when Venus in Scorpio is in the sky, opt for darker colors, in particular black and darkest red.  Go for a little bit (or a lot if you like) of a Gothic kind of look, adding lace trim and chokers to your wardrobe.  Sexy is always in with Venus in Scorpio, so showing a bit of cleavage or going for those thigh-high boots can work like crazy.  

Scorpio is a natural digger (think death, cemeteries, burying) and so getting skin peels, using microneedling or opting for injectables could be very successful now.  

Venus in Scorpio Money  

Scorpio naturally rules the 8th house that brings shared resources into the picture.  We may make more money than ever from commissions, referral fees, royalties and other types of earnings from what other people sell or the work they do.  We may also see an uptick in the earnings we receive from our spouse, be it in the present or in the form of alimony from a past marriage.  

There may be money, property or other valuables received from a deceased relative or friend, or, we may close a business deal or land a big job after the death of someone who may have been standing in our way.  

Work that includes digging, discovering, creating and things very sexual in nature such as sexy reads or apparel, can do quite well with Venus in Scorpio.  Items that are dark in color, particularly very dark red, will be attractive to others and the more deeply we delve in to subjects and/or push the boundaries of what is considered to be “normal” the more it will attract money.  

There could be a secret revealed by an employer, employee, co-worker or client that gives us an opportunity to make more money than ever.  We should all keep our ears wide open for such important tips during Venus’ stay in Scorpio, and/or if we have Venus in Scorpio in our natal chart.  

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill says:

    Have my natal Venus in Scorpio so I completely understand the bit about secrets being revealed. And, the, ahem, sex part….just sayin’!


  2. I have my natal Venus in Scorpio and the guy I started dating this Summer also has the same placement. Lots of chemistry between us, hello?, but there’s also tension. He’s very jealous. Will update you if it works out!


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