Sun In Libra

Think about love and money.  And big choices.  

From September 22 to October 23 we will have the Sun in the very diverse sign of Libra.  This is an annual opportunity for all of us to do a little “head work” about our love life and our financial situation as well.  

A Cardinal Air Sign, Libra as an energy helps all of us solve that head-heart problem we may normally find to be hard to accomplish, and this often tends to happen just in the nick of time.

Ruled by Venus, Libra automatically causes us to focus on love, money and beauty, but it’s not as simple as that by any means.  

Libra is the most powerful of all the Air Signs, and our thoughts will probably be about fairness, leadership and equality, all the while keeping the emotions under control.  In other words, Libra may “love” an idea, but if it doesn’t stand up to reason, it will soon be abandoned.  And that, as far as this astrologer is concerned, is Libra’s most important quality – the ability to walk away without looking back.  

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How the Sun In Libra affects us all.  

You need to look in your natal chart and find where you have the sign of Libra.  If you don’t have a natal chart, there’s a link below where you can get a free one.

Take note of what house Libra situates herself in. Read about that same house and what areas of your life that it governs.  As an example, if you have Libra in your 4th house of home, family and security, you may look at the way you live, where you live, and your entire family dynamic, in a whole new light.  You’ll take notice of what works for everyone – and what does not work will soon be discarded.  You’ll want to make your home more aesthetically pleasing, and you’ll want to know that everything you value in and around your home is protected and secure.  During the Sun’s transit in Libra, you can accomplish all of the aforementioned and perhaps even more.  

Special note for 2018.  

During the Sun’s stay in Libra, we will have some interesting things happening this year.  There will be a New Moon in Aries on September 24th that will ping Scorpio (Aries’ sibling) in both Jupiter and Venus. This can and very likely will, cause all of us to consider how we personally benefit from partnerships of all kinds.

Expect Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio to throw us a few curve balls in the way of digging up facts, and possibly dirt, that makes us see how we may have been getting the short end of a deal with spouses, partners both personal and business, and from merchants we spend money with.  

Jealousy will be brought into the spotlight and anyone who has motives based on envy will be seen right through.  Things could get a bit ugly.  But, with both Jupiter and Venus there to protect and heal, whatever shockwaves may be felt will ultimately be for our benefit.  

Libra details and correspondents. 

Element:  Air 

Type:  Cardinal 

Symbol:  Scales Of Justice

Ruling planet:  Venus

Color:   Blue

Link to Chaos Astrology for free natal chart.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. chella says:

    I live in a house full of Libras! Thank you for helping me understand them better!


  2. Yolanda says:

    My new business partner is Libra and she is very picky about things. She really does tend to toss things that aren’t working. Things and people LOL


  3. Nina says:

    As a Libra rising I always relate. You hit home for sure with your knowledge. : )


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