Jupiter Enters Sagittarius November 2018

He’s coming home! 

The big planet, and frankly my favorite of all of them, Jupiter, is coming home for a year-long stay in Sagittarius – November 8, 2018 to December 3, 2019  – and friends, this is one dynamite astrological event.  

First of all, all of you should find out where you have Sagittarius in your natal chart.  If you don’t I have a link at the end of this post to a site where you can get one for free.  

From there, you should look at the house where Sagittarius rests in your chart.  Learn about that house and what it rules.  The areas of life that that includes could be dramatically, and even miraculously, changed.  

More about how we can benefit from Jupiter in Sagittarius.  

For all of us, this creates a very peaceful, comfortable feeling in the Universe.  People will be more apt to laugh at a joke than take offense, and socializing in general will be on the rise.  

The travel industry should see a big spike in ticket sales and hotel bookings, and as a spinoff of that, we can expect to see more uniquely beautiful places to stay become available.

Learning about language, world culture, and religion could be something we begin or continue.  

Good luck, as a beautiful benefit, should also be seen in ways that are immediately huge or have the potential to end up huge.  

Expect growth in areas of publishing and innovative ways of continuing to open up worldwide communication.  

Health and well-being can be at a high for many of us, and some may find ways to cure or control illnesses that are nothing short of miraculous.  In particular, and of special interest to me having an autistic son, those with speech or any communication challenges could be successfully treated.  

On an individual level.  

Let me give you a quick overview of each astrological house:  

1st – The self, personality, leadership, assertiveness, the head, face and brain.  

2nd – Valuables, individual earnings, luxury and pleasure, food, the throat.  

3rd – Communication, travel within your country, multi-tasking, siblings, the voice and hands.  

4th – The home, family, security, cooking, history, motherhood, the stomach.  

5th – Fame, courage, loyalty, parenting, drama, performing arts, the heart and spine.  

6th  – Health, hygiene, service to others, medicine, day to day habits, the digestive system.  

7th – Partnerships, marriage, fairness, equality, law, fashion, the lower back.

8th – Sex, regeneration, power, secrets, creativity, sex organs.  

9th – Higher education, travel, good fortune, religion, languages, the hips.  

10th – Status, reputation, tradition, permanency, fatherhood, government, banks, the knees and joints.  

11th – Humanitarianism, the future, revolution, friendship, environmentalism, rebelliousness, large organizations, the ankles.  

12th – Unconditional love, God & Heaven, compassion, art, hidden things, addictions, glamour,  the feet.  


Click on the image to watch my monthly tarot video for your sign.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You have SO much knowledge in that pretty head of yours, Nancy!


  2. Nina says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. Your beauty is both on the surface and it runs deep too. I don’t think there’s nothing you can’t do well. Honestly. You’re a star at pretty much everything. Much love to you and thank you so much for these videos!!


  3. Divine Dawn says:

    I am buzzing for this event! I’m a Sag (5th house) and I know this is going to be HUGE for me. I’m currently writing up loads of info on what to expect – soooo excited!


  4. Linda says:

    This is so great. I have Jupiter in Sag in my chart and I’m hoping for lots of good luck this year. Need it!


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