November Tarot Videos On YouTube

Greetings everyone! 

I love making tarot and astrology videos, and so I’m continuing to publish that content on my YouTube and Vimeo channels.  Thank you to all of you who have come in and subscribed!  

In November, we will all see and feel two major astrological events:  Jupiter moving into Sagittarius and Uranus retrograding back into Aries.  The first is a once in 12 years event, and the second, once in about 70 years event.  So, you can easily see that there could well be some surprising opportunities and changes coming up!  

I always recommend that my followers and tarot clients have a personal natal chart handy.  If you don’t have one, there is a link to a website that offers free ones at the end of this post.  Once you see where you have Sagittarius and Aries in your chart, you can get a better idea of what area of life might be impacted by the two planetary events I mentioned above.  Look at what house you have those two signs, and learn all you can about that house and what it governs.  That knowledge can be a tremendously helpful tool for you to use to get the most out of these two quite rare astrological events.  

I hope all of you enjoy a spectacular November! 


For a in-depth personal tarot reading click here.  


General and Love Tarot Readings For November 

Vimeo Love Romance Tarot Readings For November 

Free Natal Chart Online

Tarot readings and astrology reports are for entertainment purposes only.  

4 Comments Add yours

  1. chella says:

    As ALWAYS your videos are spot on! You are the best tarot reader I have ever been to and I appreciate your gift so much!!!


  2. Sandy says:

    Your readings are incredible! I just ordered the full year readings and thank you for offering to give us 12 for the price of 11! I surely need them next year with all that’s going on!


  3. I love your tarot readings. They are very insightful and your wisdom is truly a natural born gift. I also took advantage and splurged on a full year of your readings. I know I will want them so I thought I’d accept your gift of a free month. That’s very nice of you and it’s much appreciated! Now, if my man would only be so cooperative LOL


  4. Kelly-J says:

    Very accurate for me. I love your tarot work! Thank you!


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