11-11-11 Happening This Month

It’s very exciting! 

In numerology, the number 11 is a beautiful thing!  It represents a doorway or window that opens up and allows us to walk through to bigger, better and no doubt healthier things.  Life doesn’t get any better than that! 

This month, November, 2018, is when we will next see these three numbers line up perfectly. The next time will be in November, 2027.  And since that’s a nine years’ wait we should all be aware of the importance of this date and how we can best make use of it.  

How to benefit from 11-11-11. 

Expect the unexpected in the way of new opportunities opening up. This can be in  your personal life, professional life, and for some especially blessed individuals, both.  

Sometimes those opportunities are obvious.  The job offer.  The call from that super-special someone.  Other times, the Universe is working quietly, behind the scenes, to make a proposal of X to you that would not be very difficult to miss – unless you are looking for it.  

That’s the “secret” in this life, if there really is one.  Looking for and being attentive to the subtle changes around us that result in subtle chances to succeed.  See what I’m saying?  Changes = Chances. Hmmmm…..I may write another book soon with that title!  

Where to look for those not-so-obvious opportunities. 

They can be small, seemingly at any rate, so you may have to always be vigilant in order to taken advantage of them.  One way is to know when to listen and when to speak.  I’ve had tarot clients who have asked me to do readings on just that topic.  For most of us, it can be as simple as never talking over anyone else – and allowing them to fully answer our questions or make their point.  That allows us to internalize the information that was just given to us. And, I must say, that many times that information is indeed a gift.  A solid gold one at that.  

What happens next.    


The dominoes begin to fall down.  And they represent the obstacles in your life.  The things you see or imagine that are holding you back.  You begin to believe in yourself.  In your ability.  In the success that you can have.  Dreams really can come true, if you plant the seeds, take even a small step forward, and be willing to learn to grow in the process.  It may sound like just nice words, but they are very realistic, I can assure you.  

For example.  

A woman is widowed with 4 children to feed.  She’s never worked a job that paid enough to support a family, has very little cash in the bank, and no one to turn to for financial help.  She refuses to apply to the government for help.  She next takes a job at a busy, upscale restaurant, waiting tables.  She makes better money than she’s ever made before.  The woman trades babysitting time with some of the other moms she knows.  Without five cents left to spare, this woman makes ends meet.  And she doesn’t stop there.  She Googles an online school that offers a course in psychology.  She digs into it and really loves what she is studying.  She takes vitamins, eats healthy, and gets exercise in her life everyday by way of taking walks with the kids (which accomplishes good “mom-kids time” with good fitness practices), and stays ahead of colds and flu bugs so she doesn’t miss time from work/school AND still sits down to meals with her kids.  It may not always be dinner, but if it isn’t dinner it’s breakfast.  In short, she makes it work.  Four years go by, the kids are now in middle school and high school, and this unstoppable woman has earned her Bachelors in Psychology.  She has put aside a little money, not much, but enough to secure a small office in a nice professional building, and starts her own career counseling business for moms.  It stands to reason that this lady knows from where she speaks, and she does so well that she doesn’t need to wait tables anymore, can have BOTH breakfast and dinner with her kids, be home on weekends and holidays, and, as time goes on, moves into a nice home where everyone has their own bedroom, they have a dog and there’s even a small backyard garden.  Wow!  

And all that came from what?  Making the choice to go through the right door when changes came about.  She didn’t cave.  She made her own way, bit by bit, and ended with a reality that was far beyond her own expectations.  That’s what I’m talking about when I say take a small step.  Make a decision that is in keeping with the future life you want.  

That little story is what 11-11-11 is all about.  Making life better one step forward at a time.  

Seize the day everyone! 


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ginny says:

    Amazing date! I’m planning to host a party on that day. Making trays of “11” of everything I serve! Making my own version of Sangria with 11 ingredients in it. Everyone is excited about it!


  2. Yolanda says:

    For me it has been one crazy week! From about last Friday the 9th on, so many changes are taking place. People I never thought I’d hear from are showing up, and I’ve been let down by others that has left my head spinning. It surely is a doorway in front of me. And for lots of reasons I’m happy to walk right through!


  3. Lucille says:

    This was a big event for me! Weeks later, I found out that on that very day the decision was made to offer me this incredible job. You really had my number on this!


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