Mind Body Muscle Connection


You Are What You Think You Are

That is actually a truer statement than you may realize. During any physical exertion, what we are focusing on mentally takes on an important role.  As an example, if you begin to think that you’re pressed for time and have a huge list of things to do, then you can in effect talk yourself out of what could be a healthy amount of exercise that day.  And the connection goes on much further from there. 

How And Why To Include More Exercise In Your Lifestyle

First, you need to find a type of exercise that you like and then you need to carve out time in your schedule to keep it in your life every day.  This the biggest factor when it comes to getting, and most importantly staying, in good shape.  Purposeful daily activity gives your body time to balance itself and right the ship so to speak when it comes to equal time spent thinking/planning and taking physical action. 

Most of us do not have jobs that require more than a modest amount of physical exertion, and so must dedicate ourselves to getting our bodies moving in order to stay healthy. However, even if you do have a more physically demanding occupation, you still need the stress management benefits that come with running, swimming, cycling or dancing. 

How To Use Your Mind To Build Muscle


Before any workout, whether it’s a strength training session, Yoga, Pilates or aerobic activity, you must warm up.  This can be done simply by performing easy stretches, marching in place for a couple of minutes or hopping on the elliptical for an equal amount of time. 

Just prior to beginning the main portion of your exercise, take a moment to breathe in deeply while raising your arms up, and then letting out the air while lowering your arms. Repeat this five times. 

The additional oxygen you bring into your body gives your body a boost of energy and clears your mind, so you are prepping yourself inside and out for your workout. 


For aerobic activity, keep an image in mind of how you are working your body.  As an example if you’re dancing imagine that you’re doing something fun like auditioning for a play or competiting on Dancing With The Stars, or, just think of your favorite dancer and imagine that he/she is dancing along with you.  Make sure that in your mind’s eye you see yourself as successfully executing any dance moves you undertake.  That same kind of fantasy can be appplied to cycling, swimming or any other exercise. 

Firing Your Muscles With Your Mind

There’s no doubt that you will get a faster, more beneficial results from your targeted body work when you use your mind to work the muscles in conjunction with the action of your moves. 

For example, when performing curls with a hand weight, keep the image in mind of your bicep lifting the weight as you raise it, and know that the muscle is getting stronger with every repetition. 

Do the same for any other body-specific work such as leg lifts, ab crunches and all Yoga asanas. 

Most of all, give yourself love and understanding and you’ll see amazing results!


Me, at age 58,  Taken by my husband, Roger.  

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  1. Tina says:

    Your body is about as perfect as it gets and your skin glows. Nancy, I pretty much hang on your every word!!


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