Sun Jupiter Conjunction In Sagittarius

Good luck gets bigger and better! 

This is an annual astrological event, and it’s one that can be the “gift that keeps giving the whole year through” for us all.  Here’s how this happens in 2018.  

November 26 – November 27 2018, Sun Conjunct Jupiter In Sagittarius at 3-4 degrees.  

This really kicks off the good fortune we will all see for the next 12 months in a big, big way.  And, it’s a special happening indeed as Jupiter will not be back in Sagittarius for another 12 years!  For this astrologer, the fact that Jupiter rules Sagittarius is the start of the Jupiter New Year, and we can all see a fresh start when it comes to exciting changes in our lives.  

For example, Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house that includes higher education, world travel and communication, philosophy, publishing, and, the measure of good fortune we may see in our lives.  The planet Jupiter expands everything it touches, so when we apply that to the list I just mentioned, the benefits can be incredible.  

In addition to all of the above, Sagittarius is both an old soul and a young soul at the same time.  Having an appreciation for ancient people, antiques, and even ancient languages, Sagittarius is also drawn to travel, and brings a strong sense of freedom to us as well  

Starting right now, and continuing for the next twelve months, we should continue to focus on what area of our life will benefit from becoming bigger, and learn all we can about how to make that dream come true.  

Speaking of dreams.  

Jupiter loves to see us dream bigger and without limitations, and so go ahead and indulge!  Make your own list of what you want to happen, what you want to be, and where you want to be in life and literally in this world.  

To make the most of all of this growth and expansion, it is very important that you know where you have Sagittarius in your natal chart.  That placement will tell you what house to learn the most about, and what area of life you can see the most advancement in.  

Fresh starts.  

I said that this is what I consider to be the Jupiter New Year, and that can mean a completely fresh start in almost anything that matters the most to you in life.  Keep that in mind.  And know that the things that are not very important to you, perhaps even those that become so after further consideration, will fall by the wayside.  Doors open for Jupiter, that’s for certain.  Yet it must be leading to something we want, know a whole lot about, and that matters to us and as many other people in this world as possible.  


This is the year to begin any kind of publishing project you may have been thinking about, or, to expand what you already have published.  That can be books, websites, blogs, video channels, and social media content – possibly all of the them.  Publishing can be taken literally, or, it can mean something that is announced such as a grand opening, a new career,  increasing the advertising of your work, and networking with others.  

Jupiter in love?  

A bit of astrology history here.  Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, the sign of unconditional and eternal love, so yes, I would venture to say that Jupiter does indeed relate to love, though that particular aspect of life is not technically under the heading of Jupiter rulerships.  

You may find that you are in a (new or existing) romantic relationship with a person from another town, state, or country, and that that relationship becomes very happy and solid this year.  You may see that you are better able to understand each other, though you may come from different cultures, and that you find new and very exciting places to travel to.  

Most of all – enjoy this beautiful time!  

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina says:

    Wow!!! I am already making plans for a great year ahead!


  2. Tina says:

    This is always a big day for me. I wait for it every year!


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