December 2018 Tarot Astrology Videos By Sign

Hello friends! 

This is it!   2018 is taking his last deep breath this month and we are all gearing up for a wonderful New Year! 

But, before we get out the noisemakers and pop that bottle of champagne, we should take a moment to reflect, plan, and set goals.  Here are my thoughts on what we should do:  

Look back.  

Just like pulling out into traffic, we should take a look behind us before we hit the gas.  We then focus on where we are heading, however, an occasional glance back is always a good idea.  

We all learn from experience, and I think that that’s the very best way to know something that stays with you forever.  Even if those experiences have been less-than-happy, they still teach us something and actually help us to become better planners and goal-setters.  

Keep your eyes on the prize(s).  

Setting realistic goals is a wise thing to do, however, just doing that alone is boring and can make us old before our time (which should be NEVER by the way!).  

Yes, you need to set goals that are easily reached, and include others, or, at least one other, that is not easily reached.  Be smart about what you want to accomplish, and don’t pressure yourself in any way.  Just be as positive as possible, celebrate the small victories, and keep moving forward. 

Learn from Tarot and Astrology. 

My videos are created per astrological sign, so there is always an element of astrology in my tarot readings.  These videos can be very powerful too and can help you look back without dwelling too much on it and create the kind of goals that are likely to make you happy.   Additionally, my personal tarot readings are in-depth and explore your question in detail.  

Have a great month!

Tarot-Astrology Videos on YouTube 

Personal Tarot Readings 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Your readings are always spot on! Very insightful and wise!


  2. cheryl says:

    Love your tarot videos! You are the best reader!


  3. Lucille says:

    First, thank you for the EXCELLENT personal reading you did for me, it was truly life changing. I love your work! These videos help me in so many ways. I watch them before I make any huge decisions.


  4. Sandy says:

    Your Virgo reading is perfect for me! XOXO


  5. Yolanda says:

    Completely accurate here. I’m a Leo and the first part of December is exactly right for me!


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