Mars In Pisces

I first want to talk about this important transition.  

It takes two years for Mars to come back to visit each sign, and for this type of movement to occur is incredible.  It’s one of the few times I’ve seen this happen at such a fantastic time of year.  

As of this writing we have Mars in Pisces, and that will remain so until December 31st.  New Year’s Eve!  We’ll be ushering in 2019 with Mars, the planet of power, action, big decisions, and a little lesser-publicized characteristic – protection of the underdog – in the sign of The Baby, New Life and Fresh Starts, and if that’s not generous on behalf of The Universe I don’t know what is! 

Mars In Pisces 

This placement sometimes gets poor press, but you won’t hear that from me.  Above I mentioned that Mars is the champion of the underdog and loves fighting for a cause, and, well, the sign of Pisces is closely connected with causes, unconditional love, trust and loyalty.

Furthermore, there’s a bit of fire in Pisces that some astrologers overlook, that makes this sign quite harmonious with fiery Mars.  Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, and Jupiter is really fiery itself, currently it rules Sagittarius, and so there is a touch of fire in Pisces that people who are Pisces or who are closely associated with Pisces, may understand very well as they read this.  

My father was a Pisces.  He had big, dreamy blue eyes, was a great dancer, and few things ever really ruffled his feathers.  But, that’s not to say that nothing ever did.  I saw my dad make a stand any self-respecting Aries would admire on more than one occasion, so you see, there is that spark of passion about a Pisces that can be pleasantly surprising.  

From an astrological standpoint, seeing Mars in Pisces at the end of a calendar year is awesome.  Pisces rules the past in a great way.  You see, being the last sign and ruling the 12th house, Pisces brings a wisdom that is carried forward from past experiences, and is absolutely perfect for ending a year.  

With this alignment in the sky, we will tend to think about what we did previously, before taking action now.  Pisces will make us more comfortable waiting than charging forward.  And this is great.  As many of us celebrate Holidays, we can and probably should get some much-needed rest from the hectic lifestyle we may normally embrace.

Advice For Mars In Pisces 

Find where you have Pisces in your natal chart, or, at least know what house your natal Mars affects.

Go with the slower pace.  If you feel you need rest, take every opportunity to do that.  

Get in touch with your spiritual side.  This is the time to volunteer,  go through your belongings and donate what you no longer use to charity, start a fundraiser for a local family in need or bring it even closer to home and offer to cook for a friend or family member who is not well.  

Take up dancing or get back into it.  Pisces rules the feet and Mars loves loves loves to move!  

Go on a cruise, and, better yet, pick one that offers marine-life study or fishing.  

Be careful how much you spend, eat and/or drink.  Pisces sometimes doesn’t know when to stop.  

Reach out to people you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time.  Pisces loves the past.  Go see them.  Mars loves to travel.  

Eat lots of  seafood.  Raw if you like it and/or tolerate it well.  

Wear blue.  The closer to ocean colors the better.  

Last, but not least, go to your House Of Worship.  Pisces rules beliefs and is very comfortable with big groups (fish naturally swim in schools).  

Enjoy this special time! 









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