Uranus In Taurus – How To Work It

A very big deal in Astrology.  

Absolutely!  Uranus changing signs only happens about once every 7 years or so, so the next time we will see the planet in its current sign, Aries, is at least 80 years!  But, Uranus will not be in Aries for much longer.  In fact, on March 6, 2019 it moves into the sign of Taurus where it will stay until 2026. This is big news for us all.  

Uranus in Taurus advice.  

  • What can you do to work this exciting change in the sky?  Below I will give you some ideas:  
  • Taurus is all about money and luxury.  Those are the areas of life where you can see the most changes.  
  • Know your natal chart.  There are many freebies online, so just do a search and pick one.  Note where Uranus is in your chart, and where you may see Taurus as well.  The corresponding houses will give you a good idea of exactly where to place your focus for dramatic change  
  • Don’t sit back.  Expecting change to fall out of the sky is unlikely to happen.  And, if that ever does happen, you are surrendering to the things that are out of your control and taking no action on the things that are within your control.  
  • Uranus does not like to stay long.  Unfortunately this is where Uranus and Taurus conflict. Uranus wants to keep making changes.  Taurus is more Earthy, and likes to plan and reach a goal.  Just one goal.  So, it is more likely that you will succeed by talking one thing at a time.  
  • Only go after this – permanent changes.  The quick-fix type things, and the continual jousting at windmills is not in keeping with Taurus’ style at all.  There needs to be a real plan, written down, and you need to go after each item on the list.  Check them off as you go.  Taurus likes to see regular progress.  
  • What is your dream?  Uranus rules the 11th house that includes our biggest hopes, dreams and plans for the future.  It is also the house of the prophet.  Take time to chill.  Let your mind connect with your soul.  Create or add time to a home meditation practice.  Before you start, have a single answer you are seeking.  Keep seeking that answer every time you meditate until you are satisfied with the answer.  
  • Work hard.  Harder than ever.  Taurus brings great physical strength to the dynamic Uranus energy, so whatever it is you are going after (it should be material in nature) expect to work at it until the job is done.  No matter how long it takes. 
  • Be patient.  Uranus is in Taurus for 7 years.  It could take that long for all of your work efforts to pay off.  Enjoy the ride as well.  Taurus is a pleasure-seeker, so go ahead and indulge in that pricey bottle of wine when you can.  Reward yourself!  

My PREMIUM TAROT READINGS FOR APRIL 2019 are published on Vimeo.  This is the first full  month that Uranus is in Taurus, and could give you clues and tips about what you should do first.

To get specific answers, you would need a Personal Tarot Reading.  

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Excellent! Love your Vimeo work as well!


  2. Love your tarot and astrology work so much! I bought my Sun, Moon and Rising on Vimeo and they are all great. Especially my moon which is in Taurus. And now Uranus is moving into it. Hmmmmm……


  3. Your tarot and astrology work has always been great, but this is very special. I hope you continue your work with the law of attraction.


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