New Moon In Gemini – TALK IT OUT!

This could mean a big break.  

Communication is surely the order of the day when the Sun is in Gemini, and it’s even more so when that Sun and Moon come together, such as they do when there is a New Moon.  

The sign of Gemini relates to all forms of communication, and that includes gestures, body language and posture.  It’s time to figure out issues that may have been bothering you, and that could relate to your personal or business interests.  

What is special about this New Moon in Gemini. 

The planet Mercury is moving through the final (and strongest) degrees of Gemini on this same day, and that means that we have a triple power-team of the Sun, Moon and Mercury working together.   Since Mercury is about to move into Cancer tomorrow (June 4th), there could be one very important matter that will be discussed until everyone is satisfied with the answers.  Again, it could be business or personal.  

Usually, a New Moon means a fresh start, or planting the seeds for that fresh start.  That’s not necessarily true with a New Moon in Gemini.  It’s just as likely that the decision to start will take center stage, as opposed to actually seeing something physically begin.  

Gemini loves to talk.  

There will be a strong pull within us all to make the time to talk it out, say everything that needs to be said, and set things straight.  Gemini loves details and so you may find yourself seeing the small things much more clearly today.  Take advantage of that and be sure that you are completely happy with the conclusion of all your meetings.  

Apply this to love.  

Gemini hesitates to take action unless there is enough evidence that it is a logical decision.  That may not sound very romantic, but, it can really work in your favor.  You won’t be likely to jump in without asking any questions or assume that the other person is truly in love with you just because you feel that way about them.  You want to hear it from them.  And they need to be very clear about it.  

It’s possible that you’ll walk away from a person who isn’t willing to make that commitment, or at the very least, express the love for you that you need to hear said.  In that case, this New Moon will mean that you begin a different phase of your love life, and that you set it straight within yourself that you will not ever put  yourself in such a position again.  

Apply this to money.  

Contracts – contracts – contracts!  This is the time to get it in writing!  Even if you don’t normally sign an employment agreement when you accept a job, you should seriously consider it now.  You’ll be on top of all the details, express yourself clearly, and you stand an excellent chance of being heard.  

Buying anything that requires a contract is also favored right now.  As is advertising and promoting yourself or your products.  

Be confident.  

Make your choice, say it clearly, and then move forward with a sure attitude!  

I hope everyone benefits from this wonderful New Moon in Gemini! 


If you’re interested in your love life, this video could be helpful:  

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Oh yea! We have a bug family meeting happening this week and I’m happy to read it’s the perfect time for it!


  2. Tully says:

    Oh yes, this is so good to hear!! Many thanks!


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